By means of this privacy policy statement the IVC wants to inform its (professional) contacts about our policy concerning the AVG-law. The effects for different groups are mentioned separately hereunder.

Stichting ’s-Hertogenbosch Muziekstad

The IVC is managed by the Stichting ’s-Hertogenbosch Muziekstad. The postal address from the IVC is PO Box 1225, 5200 BG ’s-Hertogenbosch. Our office address is Prins Bernhardstraat 8, 5211 HE ’s-Hertogenbosch. ’s-Hertogenbosch Muziekstad is inscribed at the Kamer van Koophandel with the number 41080527. Our general email address is

Website visits and cookie policy

Het IVC plaatst op de computer van de websitebezoeker een aantal cookies. Dit zijn kleine tekstbestanden die door de browser van de bezoeker worden opgeslagen bij het bezoek aan onze website. Deze cookies hebben meerdere doelen:

  • Onze dienstverlening te optimaliseren: Het IVC gebruikt “analytics cookies” om het gebruik van de website in kaart te brengen met het doel de effectiviteit en het gebruiksgemak van de website te vergroten. Deze cookies worden niet gebruikt om het gedrag van de bezoeker in kaart te brengen.
  • Om de bezoeker gericht te kunnen informeren over interessante aanbiedingen over producten of diensten: Het IVC maakt gebruik van cookies om de bezoeker van gerichtere en relevantere informatie te voorzien.


The IVC uses the email addresses in its newsletter address files only to mail the IVC newsletter. We sent 8 newsletters a year on average. People who are interested can apply for the newsletter through a link on the website or live at our events.

The email newsletter file is managed by the office of the IVC. The data are sent through a secured link and stored in a secured data base. The IVC does not offer its newsletter files to third parties. Recipients of the letter are offered the possibility to cancel the subscription on with every letter.

Candidate files

The IVC manages the data of the competition candidates of the past, present and future. We mean contact data like email, postal address and telephone number and data concerning voice type, curriculum vitae and payment methods where applicable. The IVC does not keep copies of ID-cards or passports.

The information is kept on digitial files which are managed by the team of the IVC (direction, direction secretary and production management). Candidates can ask for a look into their files and request corrections or clearance of this information.

Volunteers and host family files

The IVC has a file of volunteers and host families who are involved with the competition. Their contact addresses (email, postal address, telephone numbers and sometimes bank account numbers) are known and apart from that sometimes more personal information like interests, preferences and availability.

The information is kept on digitial files which are managed by the team of the IVC (direction, direction secretary and production management). The IVC does not offer these files to third parties. If necessary contact information will be shared internally, in agreement with the volunteers and the host families. These partners also can as for a look into their files and correction of kept data. In case a volunteer or a host family is no longer connected with the IVC clearance of the files can be requested.

Friends files

For the Friends of the IVC the same rules apply as fort he volunteers and host families.


The IVC organises in collaboration with other organisations contracts for artists who are linked to our foundation. In order to organise payment for the contracted work agreements are contractually recorded and include contact and address data, VAT numbers, BSN numbers and payment information. These data are shared with an administration office that processes the actions. The IVC has made agreements with the administration office to protect privacy-sensitive data. All data are stored in agreement with the period as prescribed by the tax authorities of the Netherlands. Upon request data can be viewed, corrected and cleared.

Judgement data

The IVC keeps the manual judgements of the professional juries of the competition proper to be able to prove (in case of posterior reclamations) that the judgements were made in accordance with the rules. The judgements are at this point not to be viewed by third. They are kept in our archives for possible historical interest in the future.

Hosting party

Our emails are stored in the Cloud.


In case of possible complaints you can reach us through the email address mentioned above. In case you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with in an adequate form you can be in touch with

New contacts will be explicitly informed about the possibility to clear data. All other contacts are informed by this document.