52nd International Vocal Competition - Opera | Oratorio
7 - 15 September 2018



Results Semi-Finals 51st IVC Opera | Oratorio

12 September 2017 The jury of the 51st IVC - Opera | Oratorio announced the selected 7 participants for the Grand Finale.

After 21 great performances by the participants of the Semi-Finals at the Theater aan de Parade the jury announced which 7 singers are selected for the Grand Finale.

Selected participants for the Grand Finale
Dominic Barberi, bass, United Kingdom
Kinga Borowska, mezzo-soprano, Poland
Yongxi Chen, tenor, China
Eunkyong Lim, mezzo-soprano, South Korea
Anton Kuzenok, tenor, Rusland
Yajie Zhang, mezzo-soprano, China
Anna Harvey, mezzo-soprano, United Kingdom

Selected participants for the Dioraphte Composition Prize
Kinga Borowska, mezzo-soprano, Polen
Yajie Zhang, mezzo-soprano, China

Grand Finale
The Grand Finale will take place on Saturday 16 September at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Buy your ticket here. Are you unable to join us? We broadcast the Grand Finale live on our Facebook page (and YouTube) from 7 pm on.


Photo by Melanie van Zweeden

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