51st International Vocal Competition 's-Hertogenbosch - Lied Duo
10 - 16 September 2016

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Paticipants 51st IVC

Claire Barnett-Jones EricaBack7 Jana Marie Gropp Adèle Charvet Timothy End Pauline Gropp Camille Lemonnier Florian Caroubi

Learn more about the participants of the 51st IVC 2016 - Lied Duo.

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51st Competition

  • € 45,000 prize money plus engagements
  • Masterclasses & Workshops
  • Casting directors and impresarios present
  • Travel refund possible
  • Board and lodging at host families
  • Finals with symphony orchestra
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25 Aug IVC_2014_LIED_DUO_0902

Sightseeing in Den Bosch during the IVC

During the Competition you can go in and out whenever you like. Combine your visit with exploring the city! Read more >

9 Aug Schermafbeelding 2016-08-09 om 09.43.00

In the spotlight: jury member Jard van Nes

The jury is a combination of famous singers, pianists and artistic directors. Jard van Nes is one of them! Read more >

4 Aug c753c34a-b8e8-418d-8d05-13142be5386c

Announcing all participating Lied Duo's

Have a look at all singers and pianists who will participate from 10 through 16 September. Read more >


51ste IVC 2016 - Lied Duo Concours.1

51st IVC - First Round Lied Duo

At 7pm the First Round of the Lied Duo Competition 2016 starts

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51ste IVC 2016 - Lied Duo Concours.1

51st IVC - First Round Lied Duo

Sessions at 11am & 2pm

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