Summer School Bel canto 2019

Five days of masterclasses

From the 3th till the 7th of September, IVC offers young singers the opportunity to participate in the IVC Summer School Bel canto again. For talented singers a beautiful opportunity to learn a lot in a short time!

Famous singers Nelly Miricioiu, Raúl Giménez and conductor Giuliano Carella will pass on their knowledge to twelve young singers. Three important elements of singing are on the programme: method, interpretation and character presentation.

Working on

This year's Summer School, the participating singers will work with the repertoire of the Italian opera majors Bellini, Rossini, Donizetti and the young Verdi. During the first days, the masters and singers will work together in-depth. However, on Friday 6th of September, audience is warmly invited to attend the public masterclass. One day later, Saturday September 7th, everything the singers learned will be presented to the audience in a Presentation Concert!


The success of a masterclass greatly depends on the professionality and flexibility of the pianist. Accompanying a masterclass is an art! That's why we're exceptionally happy the three pianists of the 52nd IVC Opera|Oratorium 2018 will accompany this year's Summer School. 

According to one of our masters Nelly Miricioiu

"Bel Canto is not merely "beautiful singing", but a way of thinking and a style of working with which singers can apply to all repertoire. The possibilities that come from refining a Bel Canto technique are endless, not only enriching the singers musicality, delivery of text and artistry, but importantly promoting a truly healthy approach to the voice, and enabling longevity for those who choose to follow the path."