Monday, October 29, 2018

Honourable provincial award for Annett Andriesen

29 October 2018 Honourable decoration 'Hertog Jan' awarded to departing IVC director by provincial-executive Henri Swinkels.

On October 29th Annett Andriesen, mezzo-soprano and departing general manager of the International Vocal Competition (IVC), received the honourable award "Hertog Jan" from the Province of Noord-Brabant. The decoration was awarded by Henri Swinkels, member of the provincial-executive of North Brabant (portfolio of liveability and culture) in the presence of the mayor of 's-Hertogenbosch Jack Mikkers and many relations from the world of classical singing, friends and family during a festive farewell meeting at the ‘Theater aan de Parade’ venue. The provincial award consists of a statue of Hertog Jan on horseback, after a design by Willy van der Putt, and a charter. The award is presented to people who made great achievements in a specific area for society in Brabant.

Annett Andriesen received the special award for her accomplishments in the cultural field during the years that she was involved with the International Vocal Competition in 's-Hertogenbosch, first  as a board member and then as artistic and financial director. The provincial-executive Swinkels praised Annett Andriesen for her extraordinary efforts and involvement in the development of the IVC during her management in the past 12 years. He emphasized that care for the participants in the Competition is characteristic of Annett Andriesen and the IVC.

"You have given this Brabant event special allure and world-wide recognition, and that is a big achievement. You made new contacts, sought partnerships and above all: you put your heart and soul into it for young people. All those young talents who wish to sing on the big stages, found you by their side. With that you are invaluable to them. International Vocal Competition could actually be called International Vocal Care center. From Brabant you have contributed a great deal to the future of the art song recital, and of opera. We are particularly grateful to you for that," Swinkels explained the reason for the award.

Andriesen, herself an IVC-prize-winner in 1975, has unconditionally been devoted to talent development and coaching of young singers on their way to the major concert and opera stages. The IVC is a place where enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, press and impresarios meet and exchange ideas about the state of affairs with regard to young singing talent. The Competition provides opportunities for young professional singers and stands by its Triple-D status: Discovery, Development and Delivery.

After 12 intensive years in which Annett Andriesen, with unbridled energy, knowledge and resoluteness gave the IVC a place in the top of the renowned singing competitions in the world, she has transferred her position to successor Ivan van Kalmthout. Van Kalmthout has contributed to the career development of many young singers during his long career in opera in the capacity of Leiter des künstlerischen Betriebsbüros in Hamburg, deputy and interim artistic director in Barcelona and Operndirektor in the Staatsoper in Berlin. Prior to his appointment as director of the IVC, Ivan van Kalmthout was already involved in the IVC as a member of the jury in 2004 and 2010.
In November 2019 the 53rd IVC Lied Duo will take place in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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