This spring, the IVC will set up a global online community that will be available online anytime, anywhere!

Thousands of candidates who have ever participated in the IVC are actively approached to join te platform for free and create a personal profile. A unique project for singers and professionals who can set up their own page with video material, concert agenda, press releases, etc.

The main goal of this new approach is that we set up a large networka a group of like-minded people and colleagues who share information, knowledge and experiences with each other. Information in all kinds of forms that is valuable and especially stimulating for every participant.

This means that the IVC works on an active and attractive platform where participants are offered various aids, and where making your own contribution in theme groups, chat groups, forums and the exchange of video content is rewarding.

The network also offers the IVC the opportunity to actively offer even more services and activities. Think of the use of new and historical masterclasses that we have on video. In this way, singers from all over the world can easily benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the IVC has gathered over the course of 64 years.

We also offer online master classes around topics that our followers have a special need for, and question and answer sessions with influential people in the opera business to help young singers move forward.

Soon this website will provide an active network for young singers under the direction of the IVC and especially the participants themselves.