foto: Minister van Cultuur Ingrid van Engelshoven reikt de Grand Prix ’s-Hertogenbosch tijdens de finale van het Opera I Oratorium Concours 2018 uit - © Hans Hijmering

Grand Prix City of ’s-Hertogenbosch € 7,500
Special award in the form of a silver medal and the above-mentioned amount that will go to the winner of either the Opera or the Oratorio Prize.

Opera Prize € 7,500
The winner must have sung at least 4 opera arias during the Competition.

Toonkunst Oratorio Prize € 7,500
The winner must have sung at least 4 oratorio arias during the Competition.

Wagner Prize of the Netherlands € 5,000
The 'Wagnergenootschap Nederland' has consciously chosen to create a prize that will continue the education and further professional development of the winner. This amount can also be used to cover the costs of participation in masterclasses given by a Wagner specialist.

Young Talent prize of the Province of North Brabant € 3,500
The Young Talent Prize of the Province of North Brabant is awarded to a singer under the age of 25. The winner will be determined in the Semi-finals.

Staetshuys Fonds Prize € 3,500
The Staetshuys Fonds Prize will be awarded to a talented Dutch singer by a commission from the Stichting Staetshuys Fonds. The winner will be determined during the Semi-finals by a panel from the Staetshuys Fonds. This Prize is intended as an incentive award and must be put towards the winner’s studies.

Prize for Dutch Composition € 3,000
The Dutch Composition Prize will be given to the participant who best performs the compulsory piece by Bart Visman.

Audience Prize € 1,500
The Audience Prize will be chosen by the members of the audience during the Final.

Prize Association Friends of the IVC € 1,500

Press Prize € 1,000
Awarded by the press jury.

Junior Jury Prize € 500
Awarded by students in voice and music theatre.

Annett Andriesen Concert Prize
A concert in the Chinese city Ningbo for two (semi-)finalists.

Various Laureates' Concerts and Engagements
Various concerts and engagements are offered by artistic directors and opera houses attending the competition, if a role is available and appropriate quality is given.